LetMetKnow™ is an Alerts As A Service (AaaS) offering developed for content and commerce websites and blogs seeking to increase their post-visit user engagement without having to invest the time and resources to develop their own in-house alerts solution.


  • Supports multiple alert types
  • Email, mobile, RSS, IM notifications
  • Extensible social network widgets
  • 1-click user alert sharing / publishing
  • Optional content distribution via Yotify.com
  • White labeled service / brandable
  • 99.9% infrastructure uptime
  • Extensive reporting, marketing intelligence


  • Highest marketing ROI: leverage acquisition spend
  • Turnkey offering: we do all of the work
  • Simple integration: one line of code
  • Effective: engagement rates triple industry norms
  • Breadth: comprehensive offering
  • Flexible: plug-in to any platform element
  • Maintenance free: reliable infrastructure
  • Time Saver: focus on what you do best
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