LetMeKnow™ Turnkey Outsourced Alerts Platform Launched by branchnext
First ever Alerts-as-a-Service (AaaS) increases post-visit user engagement for content and commerce sites.

SAN FRANCISCO – January 21, 2009 – branchnext, a developer of persistent search tools that are user-defined, contextual and social, today launched its LetMetKnow™ turnkey outsourced alerts platform: branchnext.com/letmeknow. An industry first, LetMetKnow™ is an Alerts-as-a-Service (AaaS) offering for content and commerce websites and blogs seeking to increase post-visit user engagement without having to invest the time and resources to develop their own in-house alerts solution.

The numerous integrated elements of the LetMetKnow™ platform have been designed to maximize user post-visit engagement. The turnkey solution includes:

  • Persistent search technology enabling user-defined tracking of price changes, new blog posts, content updates, new comments, new reviews, saved searches, and more
  • User notification controls include day/time frequency, content filtering, etc.
  • Multiple alert notification methods: email, mobile, instant messaging, RSS
  • Extensible widgets to facilitate user broadcast of alert notifications (Facebook, iGoogle, MySpace, etc.)
  • One-click user sharing/posting of alert notifications to email, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon, etc.
  • AskFriends feature enables users to solicit their friends’ input on content being tracked
  • Optional distribution of LetMetKnow™ client content via Yotify.com – a community of users actively tracking multiple content sources
  • Downloadable AIR application to facilitate user desktop notification
  • Extensive LetMetKnow™ client reporting tools: 50 different metrics indicating how, when and where content is being viewed, shared and published
  • White-labeled service, complete branding flexibility
  • Reliable outsourced persistent search and alerts notification infrastructure, 99.9% uptime, support

“We are proud to offer the first ever turnkey outsourced alerts platform,” said Ron Bouganim, Co-Founder and CEO, branchnext. “LetMetKnow™ came together this past year as we developed custom post-visit engagement solutions for a number of charter clients. We’ve taken that knowledge, as well as our experience managing Yotify.com – the Internet’s premiere content tracking destination for consumers, where we’ve managed tens of millions of alert notifications – to create a robust outsourced Alerts-as-a-Service platform for any web publisher to use.”

Why web publishers are choosing branchnext’s LetMetKnow™ platform:

  • ROI: when implemented comprehensively, post-visit user engagement has the highest return on marketing dollars; LetMetKnow™ clients are leveraging dollars already spent on acquiring customers.
  • Turnkey: LetMetKnow™ is not just an API that places the burden of software development and ongoing service management on the web publisher. Rather, LetMetKnow™ is a comprehensive Alerts-as-a Service turnkey outsourced alerts platform offering web publishers a comprehensive alerts solution.
  • Simple integration: single line of code integrations mean LetMetKnow™ can be implemented, tested and released in days
  • Effective: branchnext is the leading developer of persistent search tools that are user-defined, contextual and social. Its products have powered tens of millions of alert notifications, with open rates at triple the industry average.
  • Breadth: LetMetKnow™ is a comprehensive Alerts-as-a-Service offering that includes a broad array of persistent search parameters, notification methods, sharing/posting utilities, and more
  • Flexible: LetMetKnow™ clients can plug into any element of the platform or outsource their entire alerting requirements.
  • Maintenance free: LetMetKnow™ clients can have complete confidence that their post-visit engagement solution will evolve to meet the needs of their business while continuing to reliably deliver results.
  • Time saver: LetMetKnow™ enables web publishers to stay focused on what they do best – building their core businesses
  • Reporting: LetMetKnow™ was built with metrics tracking and marketing intelligence at the core of the platform.

About branchnext
branchnext (www.branchnext.com) is developing the next paradigm for how users will acquire relevant information on the Internet. branchnext has developed a consumer-facing website at www.yotify.com that offers consumers a user-defined, contextual and social way to track object-specific information on the Internet. For web publishers, branchnext has developed a portfolio of white labeled widgets that enable increased post-visit engagement which is hyper-relevant to the user. Designed for the mass market, branchnext’s publisher solution offers a simple-to-understand, empowering alternative to the current “Subscribe via RSS” content subscription model.