• Yotify Opens Public Beta: Personal Web Scouts Make the Web Work Harder for You

    Users track just what they want on the Internet, enlist friends to help and get only the results they want to know

    SAN FRANCISCO – September 24, 2008 – Yotify, the first personal web scout service that enables users to track anything on the Internet, enlists their friends to help, and reports back only relevant information, opens its public beta today at www.yotify.com. Yotify is the free consumer-facing service of branchnext, developer of the next paradigm for how users will acquire relevant information on the Internet.

    Picking up where Web alerts left off in the 1990s, Yotify solves the problem of information overload by enabling user-defined, social and contextual object-specific tracking on the Web. Users can send out personal web scouts to track just about anything on the Internet – that apartment they’ve been looking to rent, shoes they want to get on sale, concert tickets they’ve been keeping an eye out for, and much more.

    Yotify reports back just what the user wants to know in a daily digest via email either hourly or daily. Web scouts track parameters such as price drops, new reviews, new friend postings, keyword occurrence, product availability, newly posted comments, etc., defined by users as they browse their favorite websites or blogs at Yotify.com. Yotify web scouts can be set up and deployed in less than a minute.

    “The Internet doesn’t work hard enough for us. Users told us they wanted a simple way of just telling the Web to track and report back the information that was most relevant to them and enlist their friends’ help at the same time. Yotify is the answer – putting the user in control of the Internet while giving them their time back to just live their lives,” said Ron Bouganim, Co-Founder and CEO, branchnext.”

    Key aspects of Yotify

    Social, enablng users to:
    • Share web scouts with friends for joint item tracking
    • Query friends in social networks like FriendFeed and Facebook to enlist help in finding what a scout is tracking
    • Publish scouts to personal profiles so that friends can instantly know what is being tracked

    Relevant — reduces information overload by filtering out the “noise;” enables you to prioritize your scouts’ findings to report back only relevant information.
    Contextual — allows users to browse content on their favorite websites or blogs and set Yotify web scouts to track object-specific changes according to user-defined parameters.
    Limitless — tracks an endless variety of things across the Internet.
    Persistent — web scouts are working constantly while users live their lives.
    Personalized — users select how and when their scout reports back: at www.yotify.com or via email;
    either hourly or daily.
    Secure and private — users control which part (if any) of their profiles are public.
    Free to use — Sign up at www.yotify.com. During Yotify’s private beta, users found the value in having personal web scouts and were tracking everything on the Internet from housing listings to monitoring their online auctions, and even online mentions of themselves.

    Early results showed who was using Yotify and what they were tracking:
    • Males 60%
    • Females 40%
    • Response rate, or opening of daily digests, were exponentially higher than the industry average of less than 1%
    • Users were engaged daily with Yotify conent
    • More than 10% of all scouts are being shared with users’ friends
    • Looked for many unique, interesting items such as rare Roman coins, fur coats, 1976 Fender guitar
    • “Search Me” web scout that tracks what is being said about you online is a big hit

    About branchnext
    branchnext (www.branchnext.com) is developing the next paradigm for how users will acquire relevant information on the Internet. branchnext has developed a consumer-facing website at www.yotify.com that offers consumers a user-defined, contextual and social way to track object-specific information on the Internet. For web publishers, branchnext has developed a portfolio of white labeled widgets that enable increased post-visit engagement which is hyper-relevant to the user. Designed for the mass market, branchnext’s publisher solution offers a simple-to-understand, empowering alternative to the current “Subscribe via RSS” content subscription model.

    Katherine Madariaga
    Atomic Public Relations