branchnext's solution is comprised of a consumer-facing website at that helps solve information overload for web users, a portfolio of white label widgets that helps increase user engagement for web publishers and the LetMeKnow™turnkey outsourced alerts platform.
Turnkey Outsourced Alerts Platform
An industry first, LetMeKnow™ is an Alerts As A Service (AaaS) offering developed for content and commerce websites and blogs seeking to increase their post-visit user engagement without having to invest the time and resources to develop their own in-house alerts solution
Widget Portfolio
branchnext's portfolio of widgets for web publishers increases user engagement by enabling one-click, user-defined content tracking and outreach to their social networks.
Yotify is a free, personal web scout service that enables users to track anything on the Internet, enlists their friends to help, and reports back only what they want to know.