Yotify is a free, personal web scout service that enables you to track anything on the Internet, enlists your friends to help, and reports back only what you want to know.

Yotify is simple to use: in less than 60 seconds, you can send out your first personal web scout to track that apartment you’ve been wanting to rent, shoes you want to go on sale, a concert you've been wanting to see, and much more. Yotify will continue tracking the web and then report back just what you want to know by email; either hourly or daily.

Key aspects:

  • Yotify is social:
    - Yotify enables you to share your scouts and scout reports with friends so they can track the same things.
    - Yotify enables you to query friends in your social networks to see if they know something related to what your scout is tracking. Yotify will report back their responses.
    - You can also make your profile public so friends can see all of the scouts you have set up.
  • Yotify reduces information overload. Yotify filters out the “noise” by enabling you to prioritize, block or allow relevant scout reports, sending you only relevant information.
  • Yotify is simple, yet sophisticated. You can set a web scout in under 60 seconds. But Yotify also has a deep suite of built-in tools to enable sharing, filtering, and social network outreach.
  • Yotify is contextual. You can browse content on your favorite websites or blogs and set Yotify web scouts to track object-specific changes according to parameters you define, such as: price drops, new reviews, new friend postings, keyword occurrence, product availability, newly posted comments, etc.
  • Yotify is limitless. Yotify web scouts can track a variety of things across the Internet. Following an auction? Want to know about the latest apartment listing? Waiting for shoes to go on sale? Interested in a particular news topic? Yotify tracks it all for you.
  • Yotify is persistent. Yotify web scouts constantly work for you while you live their life.
  • Yotify is personalized. You select how and when your scout reports back to you: at Yotify.com or via email; either hourly or daily.
  • Yotify is secure and private. You control which part (if any) of your profile is public.
  • Yotify is free to use.

Key benefits:

  • Yotify helps your friends help you. Yotify makes it easy for your friends to understand what you are tracking on the web and provides an efficient way to enlist their help.
  • Yotify gives you control over the Internet. Yotify lets you define just the information you want to know about and delivers it to you.
  • Yotify makes the Internet simple to work with. Everything is in one place: send scouts, review scout reports and query friends – all on Yotify.com
  • Yotify gives you your time back. Yotify works for you while you aren’t – tracking, finding and delivering personalized results so you can stop sitting in front of a computer and actually live your life.

Ms. Su - Louisiana, USA
I love the service. Best of luck and thanks for the great idea!